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Parts of the Body in French

Lesson Dec 30, 2022

Our bodies are made up of several different parts, which combine to make us unique.

Whether we wish to talk about a particular body feature we love or tell the doctor what ails us, knowing the right words to use is of utmost importance. When we know how to say the different parts of the body in French correctly, we eliminate misunderstanding and possible false diagnoses.

French also have several expressions involving body parts that spices up our conversation and make us sound like a native.

Below is a complete vocabulary guide to parts of the body in French, French expressions involving body parts and how to use them in a sentence.

External body parts

The upper body

English French
Body le corps
Head la tête
Face le visage
Eye/ Eyes un oeil /les yeux
Eye lashes les cils
Eye lid la paupière
Eyebrows les sourcils
Nose le nez
Cheek la joue
Chin le menton
Mouth la bouche
Tongue la tongue
Throat la gorge
Lips les lèvres
Ear l'oreille
Hair les cheveux
Teeth les dents
Neck le cou
Chest la poitrine (seins)
Breast la poitrine (torse)
Back le dos
Arm le bras
Hand le main
Finger le doigt
Fingernail l'ongle
Belly le ventre
Belly-button le nombril
Shoulder l'épaule

Examples of sentences with body parts

J'ai mal à la tête I have a headache.

Les êtres humains ont dix orteils et dix doigts. Human beings have ten toes and ten fingers.

J'ai les cheveux bruns I have brown hair

Note that to talk about body parts in French, a definite article and not a possessive adjective like we do in English is often used.


Je me suis cassé la tête. I broke my head.

Lavez-vous les mains avant de manger. Wash your hands before eating.

As with all nouns in French, body parts are always proceeded by an article.


Les yeux Eyes

J'ai les yeux marrons I have brown eyes

The Lower body

English French
Hip la hanche
Thighs /Lap la cuisse
Bottom la fesse
Leg la jambe
Knee le genou
Toe le doigt
Toenail l'ongle
Ankle la cheville
Foot/Feet le pied/les pieds

Internal body parts

English French
Skeleton le squelette
Brain Le cerveau
Lung le poumon
Oesophagus L'oesophage
Blood le sang
Bone l'os
Liver le foie
Heart le coeur
Kidney le rein
Intestine l'intestin
vein la veine

Other vocabulary relating to the human body

English French
Saliva la salive
Tear/Tears larme /larmes
Sperm le sperme
Sweat la sueur
Urine l'urine
Excrement l'excrément

Expressions involving body parts.

Understanding and using French expressions will take you a step further and help you sound like a native. Here are a few French expressions with body parts you should know.

French English
Casser les pieds To bug/ to annoy
Un coup d'oeil a glance
Un oeil poché a black eye
Se creuser la tête To think hard
À mes yeux in my opinion
Rester bouche cousue To keep a secret
Ne pas lever le nez To concentrate
Tenir tête à quelq'un To stand up to somebody
Dormir sur les deux oreilles To sleep like a baby.
Avoir la main heureuse To be lucky
Avoir la tête dans les nuages To have one's head in the clouds.
Avoir la main verte To have a green thumb
Avoir le coeur sur la main To be generous
Faire la sourde oreille To pay deaf ears.
Avoir la compas dans l'oeil To be accurate.

Examples in a sentence.

Arrête de me casser les pieds. Stop bugging me.

Il a jeté un coup d'oeil aux enfants. He glanced at the children.

À mes yeux, la maison est trop chère. In my opinion, the house is too expensive.

Have fun learning the different parts of the body in French and how you can apply them in your day to day conversation.



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