How To Learn a New Language Easier and Faster

Sep 22, 2021

I love learning and every opportunity to acquire a new language is a delight. These are my tips to make learning a language easier and faster.

1. Have a personal interest in your target Language.

Even if your reason for learning a Language is for professional use, try also having a personal love for it. Putting in time and effort to learn a new language can feel like a chore. You wish you could wake up the next day and be fluent.  While there is no magical way out, the process can go faster if you are doing something that is of interest.

2. Familiarize yourself with the Language.

Before you start learning, you can get a feel of the language through audio, video, and text. You will be able to pick up new words and get rid of the alien feeling towards the language when you start learning.

3. Learn to pronounce words the right way from the beginning

As you learn new words, learn the right pronunciation from the beginning. Each language has its own rules, learn and follow them.

4. Say it aloud

Speak words aloud as you learn them and repeat as often as you can, even if you are the only one around for ten miles.

5. Practice with a native speaker

Try speaking with others as soon as possible, even if you are only replying with a 'yes' or 'no' to a question. Doing this would boost your confidence, and before you know it, you are trying out sentences.

6. Practice with anyone.

Add new words or phrases into your everyday conversation. You can do this, especially when speaking with friends and family. They won't mind that you do and might even have fun while you are at it.

7. Read books.

Read books and articles written in your desired Language as you can. When you do, you get a chance to test out what you already learned, thereby reinforcing them. It would also help you learn more or otherwise complex grammatical structures.

I hope you find these tips useful as you start your journey into a whole new world.



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