How To Learn French Fast

Oct 5, 2021

While there is nothing magical that can make you fluent fast, here are some tips to help you learn French faster.

1. Be dedicated.

You want to speak fast, then dedicate quality time to study French.  Go beyond watching entertaining French videos, to understanding grammar rules, verb conjugation etc.

2. Don't get sidetracked.

The easiest way for you to lose focus while studying is to let yourself get sidetracked. : You have a message you want to reply to. You need to see this movie and no worry, you can multitask. Your friend is coming over to plan a weekend get together, it's alright, you are still on top of your studies. You are not, and at the end of your study time, you would have learned little or nothing.

3. Be consistent.

Practice regularly and be consistent. It doesn't matter how much time in a day you dedicate to your studies. When you are consistent, French becomes second nature.

4. Write in French.

Start writing in French as you learn. This will draw out words you have stored away and keep them within reach. You can keep a diary or journal about your day or your progress. Don't worry, everything doesn't have to be grammatically correct at the beginning. Your French will improve and you would develop good writing skills.

5. Keep a dictionary.

Having a dictionary would help you build your vocabulary list. Write down new words you come across while studying and look them up in the dictionary later. Do not constantly interrupt what you are reading to use the dictionary, it is exhausting. Look up the words when you are through.

6. Read books, watch French videos and listen to French podcasts.

There are lots of materials that can help you learn French. From written texts to audio and videos. Make use of them

7. Start speaking as soon as possible.

Start speaking as soon as you start learning. Reading, Listening, speaking and writing would give you a balanced knowledge of French.

8. Find a tutor.

Some people are good at learning and mastering languages on their own. Not everyone can be like this.  If you are struggling with learning French on your own, find a tutor to guide you. You can find one around you or go online. Book a trial section and see if you are comfortable before committing.

9. Travel.

If you can afford it, take a trip to a French-speaking City. You will get a chance to experience the French culture First hand and improve fast. If you don't have the time to travel yet, you can still find French-speaking Friends online.

Lastly, find something that can motivate you to keep going back to learning French. When things get difficult, and you feel like throwing in the trowel, it will keep you coming back for more. Practice makes perfect. With regular practice, French would become second nature to you in no time.

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