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How to improve your French.

Grammar Oct 19, 2021

You already know some French basics. You are able to figure out the main idea from a text you read, or from a conversation you overheard. Furthermore, you are proud of how far you have come but want to learn more.

Here are 7 tips to help you better improve your French skills.

Expand your vocabulary.

Build on your existing vocabulary. Learn new words and learn new ways of using words you already know.
There are many ways to do this: read books and articles, watch videos and listen to audio materials. You can also keep a diary or journal. Whenever you are not sure how to express your thoughts while writing, you will have to do some research. All these exposes you to new vocabularies.

Work on your pronunciation.

You can sound like a native French speaker if you put in the effort. Listen to a lot of audio in French. Try to mimic the tone and stress pattern of the words you hear. With constant practice, you will be as confident as any native speaker.

Get a French dictionary.

Besides a French-English dictionary, which you may already have, buy a French one. Using a French dictionary puts your reading and comprehension skills to the test. It is also a good way to improve your vocabulary since all explanations are in French.

Speak more.

Add French to your everyday conversation. Speak with friends, family or colleagues at work. If you have a friend who speaks or is learning French, you can practice with them.

Think in French.

Try to think in French before speaking or writing. It lets you process your thoughts and information in French. If you do this regularly, the Language will eventually become part of you. It may be cumbersome at first, but practice makes perfect.

Change your phone settings to French.

Changing your phone's Language settings to French improves your exposure to the Language. You get to learn French words you see in everyday English. You even get notifications in French. Don't worry about not being able to navigate through your phone. Chances are that you already know where everything is. There are also some similarities between English and French words that will make it easy for you. If you lose your way after some time, you can always switch back to English.

Find a tutor.

When you have tried all these and still feel you need some help, finding a tutor might be the right step for you. You can find one close to you, or you can do so online. You may want to schedule a trial section and see if they are the right fit for you before committing.



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