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How To Greet Someone in French

Sep 24, 2021

One of the first and most important things to learn in a Language is how to greet a person. This usually forms the basis of any conversation. Doing it the right way oftentimes will determine how people respond to you.
Today we will be looking at some ways to greet people in French.


Good morning / good afternoon / hello / good day.

Bonjour which could either mean good morning, good afternoon or Hello is a form of greeting to a person you meet in the morning or in the afternoon.


Bonjour Madame Efe.
Good morning Madam Efe.

Bonjour Vincent.
Hello Vincent.

Bonjour Jean.
Good afternoon Jean.

Good evening.


Bonsoir, meaning good evening, is used when greeting someone you meet in the evening.


Bonsoir Mary
Good evening Mary.


Hi/Hello Only used in informal situations
Salut is the English equivalent of hi/hello, and it is only used in informal situations,  usually among friends or peer groups.

Salut Efe!
Hi Efe.

Salut Jean.
Hello Jean.

Bonjour in Conversation

Jean- Bonjour Mary.
Good morning Mary.

Mary-Bonjour Jean.
Jean- Quelle heure est-il?
What time is it?

Mary-Il est 8 heure.
It is 8 am.

Jean- Merci Mary!
Thank you, Mary!

Mary- De rien!
You are welcome!

There you go! Simple and easy way of starting a conversation with someone in French.

The audio version coming soon.



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