French Family Vocabulary - La Famille

Oct 23, 2021

Family/La Famille.

Let's look at how to call family members in French.

First Family

English French Gender (m-Male,f-Female,pl-Plural)
Husband mari, époux m
Wife femme , épouse f
Mother. mère f
Father. Père m
Stepmother belle-mère f
Stepfather beau-père m
Daughter fille f
Son fils m
Stepson beau-fils m
Brother frère m
Sister soeur f
baby bébé m
Child enfant mf
Only child enfant unique mf
First-born premier-né m
First-born. Première-née f

Family by Marriage

These are family relations by marriage.

English French Gender
Son-in-law. Beau-fils m
Brother-in-law. beau-frère m
Sister-in-law. Belle-soeur f
Step-brother demi-frère m
Step-Sister demi-soeur f
Step-parents beaux-parents mpl
Stepdaughter belle-fille f
Daughter-in-law. belle-fille f

Extended Family

English French Gender
Cousin cousin m
Cousin. Cousine f
First cousin. Cousin(e) germain mf
Niece nièce mf
Nephew neveu m
Aunt tante f
Uncle. Oncle m
Great-uncle grand-oncle m
Great-aunt grand-tante f
Grandfather grand-père m
Grandmother. Grand-mère f
Grandson petit-fils m
Granddaughter petite-fille f
Grandchildren. Petit-enfants mpl
Great-aunt. grand-tante f
Great-uncle. grand-oncle m
Great-grandmother. arrière-grand-mère f
Great-grandfather. arrière-grand-père m
Great grandparents. arrière-grand-parents mpl
Great-grandson. arrière-petit-fils m
Great-granddaughter. arrière-petite-fille f
Great-grandchildren. arrière-petits-enfants mpl

Family by Adoption

These are family members related through adoption

English French
Adopted son fils adoptif, adj
Adopted daughter fille adoptive, adj
adoptive father père adoptif, adj
Adoptive mother mère adoptive, adj



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