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Colors In French

Lesson Dec 30, 2022

The world around us is a bust of beautiful colours : white, green, red, blue etc.

Learning to speak French means learning colour names and how to use them.

You wish to say you have brown eyes in French? Then say ''ai les yeux marrons.' But what if you wish to say you have brown hair?

Find out in this detailed lesson about French colours.

Useful vocabulary for describing colours in French

French English Example Translation
La couleur colour/color la couleur bleue blue colour
Clair light bleu Clair Light blue
Foncé dark vert foncé dark green
Une nuance de a shade of une nuance de rouge a shade of red
Vif bright rouge vif bright red
Terne dull vert terne dull green

In a sentence

J'ai acheté une chemise verte foncé

I bought a dark green shirt

Common colours in French

French English
Blanc/Blanche White
Noir/Noire Black
Gris/Grise Gray
Rouge Red
Bleu/Bleue Blue
Orange Orange
Doré/ Dorée Gold
Argenté /Argentée silver
Marron Brown
Rose Pink
Vert/Verte Green
Jaune yellow
Violet/Violette purple

Hair colours in French

Now that we have looked at names of colours in French, let's talk about hair colour.

In French as in English, there are two ways to talk about hair colour. you can either say a person has a particular hair colour eg Marie a les cheveux blonde ( Marie has blond hair) or you can call them by the colour of their hair eg Marie est blonde (Marie is a blond) .

Note that the word for hair in French is les cheveux, which is a masculine, plural noun.

Common hair Colours in French

French English
Blonds blond
Noirs black
Blancs white
Roux red
Gris grey
Bruns brown


Elle a les cheveux blonds

She has blond hair

Nous avons les cheveux noirs

We have black hair

Note that the hair colours are all agreeing with the word les cheveux which is a masculine plural noun.

Use these colours to refer to a person by their hair colour. Note that when describing someone by the colour of their hair, the colour agrees in gender and number with the person or people being described.

Masculine Feminine meaning
Blond blonde blonde
Brun brune brunette
Roux Rousse redhead


Elle est rousse She is a red head

Il est roux He is a redhead

How to use colours in French.

Colours like other French adjectives change to agree in gender and number with the noun they are describing.

They are also a part of adjectives that come after the noun. E.g une robe bleue - a blue dress.

Let's look at the most common colours in French and how to use them.


Feminine form blanche

Plural forms blancs/ blanches


Un chat blanc

A white cat

Une maison blanche

A White House


Feminine form noire

Plural forms noirs/noires


Une jupe noire

a black skirt

Des chaussures noirs

Black shoes


Feminine form Rouge

Plural forms Rouges/Rouges


La Croix-Rouge

The Red Cross


Feminine form bleue

Plural form bleus/bleues


Des yeux bleus

Blue eyes

La couleur bleue

Blue colour


Feminine form Orange

Plural forms Oranges/Oranges


Feminine form Rose
Plural forms Roses/Roses


Fleurs roses

Pink flowers

Ce verre est rose

That glass is pink


Feminine form Jaune

Plural forms Jaunes/Jaunes


Feminine form verte
Plural forms Verts/ Vertes


Feminine form Marron
Plural forms Marrons /Marrons



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