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7 Days Of The Week In French

Vocabulary Dec 30, 2022

he days of the week, months of the year and seasons in French are some of the essentials in French you should know.

In today's course, we talk about the names of different days of the week in French, some rules on how to use them as well as related vocabulary.

The most important thing to note about French days of the week is that they are always written in small letters.

They are also masculine nouns so remember to use the right French article.


Days of the week vocabulary

Before we take a look at the days of the week in French, let's first consider some useful vocabulary relating to time or the day.

Le jour Day

Aujourd’hui Today

Hier Yesterday

Demain Tomorrow

Après-demain. The day after tomorrow.

Avant-hier. The day before yesterday.

Le lendemain. The next day.

La semaine Week

Le week-end Weekend

Quotidien Daily

Hebdomadaire Weekly

_Il y a deux jours._Two days ago.

Les quinze jours. Fortnight.

Tous les quinze jours Fortnightly


La vie quotidienne d’un étudiant. Daily life of a student.

Savez-vous s’ils ouvrent le week-end? Do you know if they open on weekends?

Important phrases

While discussing an event that is happening or is about to happen, we are likely to make use of some very important phrases.

Here is a short guide to French phrases relating to time and how to use them.

La semaine prochain. Next week.

La semaine denière. Last week.

lundi dernier. last Monday.

jeudi prochain. Next Thursday.

Il y a quinze jours. The week before.

Dans deux semaines. The week after.


Le lundi denière, c’était mon anniversaire. Last Monday was my birthday.

Days of the week/Les jours de la semaine

lundi Monday

mardi Tuesday

mercredi Wednesday

jeudi Thursday

vendredi Friday

samedi Saturday

dimanche Sunday


À dimanche!. See you on Sunday!

Le lundi est le premier jour de la semaine. Monday is the first day of the week.



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