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6 Apps For Learning French That are Free To Use

Oct 9, 2021

Learning a Language with apps offers a unique opportunity to study on the go, at your own pace and time.

The best part comes when these apps are free to use and actually work. Here are six apps for learning French that you can download and use for free. These are apps I have used and still have on my phone that I find very useful.

1. Learn French for beginners by Zeemish Labs.

If you are an absolute beginner in learning French, I recommend you start with this app. It is beginner-friendly and easy to use. You get to learn basic French grammar and essential vocabulary with explanations. It comes with audio support and offers various exercises to improve your reading and listening skills. This app gives you a good foundation in French that you can later build upon. It is free to use and work offline.

2. Duolingo.

I first downloaded Duolingo to learn Chinese and decided to check out its French section. It was engaging, stimulating and fun. As a beginner, Duolingo uses a unique teaching method that let you learn from scratch while simultaneously testing your knowledge. It builds confidence in your abilities and helps you take further future steps. Using Duolingo would help you develop a strong vocabulary and help you master French pronunciation. Duolingo is free to use.


TV5MONDE is a free French learning app with videos and pictures to help you experience French in real life.

Lessons are tailored to fit your level of interest. Pronunciation is clear, audible and at a good pace. This app helps you work on your listening comprehension and vocabulary.

4. French English dictionary by Asendo Inc.

Having a dictionary is an indispensable tool for French learners. French English dictionary comes in handy as both a dictionary and a translator.

You can translate sentences from French to English and vice versa, complete with audio support. In addition, this app comes with a phrasebook, a verb conjugator, flashcards and exercises. The best thing is that all features except the translator work offline.

5. Le conjuguer.

Le conjuguer is a free to use app with a wealth of French verbs and their conjugation. It is one of the best and most comprehensive app to learn French verb conjugation.

It provides explanations on grammar rules and guides you on how to conjugate various verb tenses. The best part comes with knowing that the app works offline.

The only downside for me is that all explanations and instructions are done in French. While this is beneficial to persons with some knowledge of French, it might pose a challenge to absolute beginners.

6. French fairy tales stories.

French fairy tale stories by archi Génie Français is a collection of 180 stories with audio support. The stories are well structured with engaging sounds effects that make the story come to life and keep you focused on what is about to come.

Stories are an effective way to help you learn French faster and improve your vocabulary. For this app, its vocabulary is a bit advanced, but that could be a good thing. Stories are available to read offline, but you need an internet connection for audio.

The app is entirely free to use.

All the above-listed apps are free to use. Some have paid versions, but the free versions would serve you well.

I will keep this list updated as I try out more apps. Give them a try today. I will like to know what you think.

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