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100+ French Vocabulary and phrases

Lesson Dec 30, 2022

Today's lesson is an introductory course in French vocabulary for Beginners and intermittent learners. This course contains:


French vocabulary basics.

French family vocabulary

French colour vocabulary

Emotions and feelings

Days of the week

Months of the year

French job vocabulary

French numbers vocabulary

Telling the time in French

French vocabulary basics

The following are some French basics that Every beginner should know.

Bonjour. Hello/Goodmorning/Good afternoon

Bonsoir Good evening

Bonne nuit goodnight

Salut Hi

Comment allez-vous? How are you? (fml)

Comment ça va? How is it going?

Et vous/toi? And you?

Enchanté. Pleased to meet you.

Au revoir. goodbye

Oui. Yes

Non. No

Je sais. I know

Je ne sais pas. I don't know

S'il (te) vous plaît. please

Merci. Thanks

Je suis désolé. I am sorry

Je comprends. I understand

Je ne comprends pas. I don't understand.

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French family vocabulary

This section will make it easy for you to talk about your family members and introduce them. You can find a more comprehensive French Family list here.

The following are some ways you can present your family in French.

Voici mon/ma... This is my...

Voici mes... These are my.....

J'ai... I have...

Je n'ai pas... I don't have...

Il/elle est... He/she is...

Ils/elles sont... They are....

Some useful phrases

Je suis célibataire. I am single.

Je suis marié(e). I am married.

Êtes-vous marié? Are you married?

Êtes-vous célibataire? Are you single?

Avez-vous des enfants? Do you have children?

J'ai.... I have...

Family /La famille

Père. Father.

Mère. Mother

Enfant. Child

Fils. Son

Fille. Daughter

Mari. Husband

Femme. Wife

Parents. Parents

Soeur. Sister

Frère. Brother

Oncle Uncle

Tante Aunt

Belle-soeur. Sister-in-law

Beau-fils. Brother-in-law


Voici mon frère. This is my brother.

J'ai deux enfants. I have two children.

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French colour vocabulary.

The world around us is a burst of various beautiful colours. Learn to call them correctly in French.

Note that like other French nouns, colours in French change to agree in gender and number with the noun they are describing.

For example

Un lit blanc. A white bed


Une jupe Blanche. a White skirt.

Rouge. Red

Bleu/bleue. Blue

Vert/verte. Green

Jaune. Yellow

Rose. Pink

Blanch/Blanche. White

Noir/Noire. Black

Violet. Purple


Le violet est ma couleur préférée.

Purple is my favorite colour.

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Emotions and Feelings

Heureux. Happy

Triste. Sad

Excité. excited

Fatigué. Tired

Inquiet. Worried

En colère. Angry

Surpris. Surprised

Effrayé. Afraid

Days of the week

Note that in French, days of the week and months of the year are written small letters.

lundi Monday

mardi Tuesday

mercredi Wednesday

jeudi Thursday

vendredi Friday

samedi Saturday

dimanche Sunday


Today is Sunday

Months of the year.

Note that both the months of the year and the days of the week are always written in small letters in French.

Janvier January

février February

mars March

avril April

mai May

juin June

juillet July

août August

septembre September

octobre October

novembre November

décembre December


Je suis né en décembre. I was born in December.

Jobs/Les métiers

Talk about your profession, where you work and ask others what they do for a living.

Here is a longer list of jobs and professions in French.

Où travaillez-vous? Where do you work?

Que faites-vous dans la vie? What do you do?

Je travaille à... I work at.....

Je suis au chômage. I am unemployed.

Le/la Médecin. Doctor

L'agriculteur / L'agricultrice Farmer

L'ingénieur(e). Engineer

L'avocat(e). Lawyer

L'infirmier/L'infirmière. Nurse

Le policier/La policière. Police officer


Mes parents sont avocats. My parents are lawyers.

Je suis policier/policière. I am a police officer.

French Numbers

Learning French numbers would let you do things such as tell the time, count etc.

Here is a more extensive list of French numbers.

Un One

Deux Two

Trois Three

Quatre Four

Cinq Five

Six Six

Sept Seven

Huit Eight

Neuf Nine

Dix Ten


J'ai acheté deux pommes. I want two apples.

J'ai quatre frères et deux soeurs. I have four brothers and two sisters.

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Telling the time in French

Knowing how to tell the time in French would let you better organize your day, keep up with appointments, schedules etc.

Some useful vocabulary

L'heure Time

Aujourd'hui Today

Demain Tommorow

Hier Yesterday

Le matin Morning

L'après-midi Afternoon

Le soir Evening

La nuit Night

Minuit Midnight

Midi Noon/midday

Quelle heure est-il?

What time is it?

Il est..

It is...

(1:00) il est une heure.

It is one o'clock.

(2:00) Il est deux heures

It is two o'clock.

(1:30) Il est une heure et demi.

It is one thirty.

(2:15) Il est deux heure quart.

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