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100+ most used verbs in French

Vocabulary Dec 30, 2022

Verbs are an important part of the French language, as almost every sentence requires one.

Having a sound knowledge of French verbs would help accelerate your understanding of French, as verbs, adjectives and adverbs are some of the most used words in French.

If you are a beginner and you are wondering what French verbs to learn first, here is a

list of more than one hundred French verbs with their English equivalent.

The first 20 verbs that are conjugated in their present tense form with examples.

Etre (To be)

Je suis = I am

Tu es = you are

Il est = he is

Nous sommes = we are

Vous êtes = you are

Ils sont = They are


Je suis étudiant(e)

I am a student.

Avoir (to have)

J’ai = I am

Tu as = you are

Il a = he is

Nous avons = we have

Vous avez = you have

Ils ont = they have


Nous avons faim.

We are hungry.

Faire (to do/to make)

Je fais = I do

Tu fais = you do

Il fait = he does

Nous faison = we do

Vous faites = you do

Ils font = they do


Je fais la cuisine.

I am cooking.

Parler (to speak)

Je parle = I speak

Tu parles = you speak

Il parle = he speaks

Nous parlons = we speak

Vous parlez = you speak

Ils palent = they speak


Tu parles Français?

Do you speak French?

Venir (to come)

Je viens = I come

Tu viens = you come

Il vient = he comes

Nous venons = we come

Vous venez = you come

Ils viennent = they come


Il vient demain.

He is coming tomorrow.

Aller (to go)

Je vais= I go

Tu vas= you go

Il va= he goes

Nous allons= we go

Vous allez= you go

Ils vont = they go


Comment ca va?

How are you?(literally how is it going?)

Écrire (to write)

J’écris = I write

Tu écris= you write

Il écrit= he writes

Nous écrivons= we write

Vous écrivez= you write

Ils écrivent= they write


Qu’est-ce que tu fais? What are you doing?

J’écrit. I am writing.

Lire (to read)

Je lis = I read

Tu lis = you read

Il lit = he reads

Nous lisons = we read

Vous lisez = you read

Ils lisent = they read


Lit ce roman.

Read this novel.

S’appeler (to be called)

Je m’appelle = I am called

Tu t’appelles = you are called

Il s’appelle = he is called

Nous nous appelons = we are called

Vous vous appelez = you are called

Ils s'appellent = they are called


Elle s’appelle Mary.

Her name is Mary.

Apprendre (to learn)

J’apprends = I learn

Tu apprends = you learn

Il apprend = he learns

Nous apprenons = we learn

Vous apprenez = you learn

Ils apprennent = they learn


J’apprends français.

I am learning French.

Écouter (to listen)

J’écoute = I listen

Tu écoutes = you listen

Il écoute = he listens

Nous écoutons = we listen

Vous écoutez = you listen

Ils écoutent = they listen


J’aime écouter de la musique.

I love listening to music

Aimer (to love)

J’aime = I love

Tu aimes = you love

Il aime = he loves

Nous aimons = we love

Vous aimez = you love

Ils aiment = they love


Je t’aime.

I love you.

Dormir (to sleep)

Je dors= I sleep

Tu dors = you sleep

Il dort = he sleeps

Nous dormons = we sleep

Vous dormez = you sleep

Ils dorment = they sleep


Je dors tôt.

I sleep early.

Pouvoir (to be able)

Je peux = I can

Tu peux = you can

Il peut = he can

Nous pouvons = we can

Vous pouvez = you can

Ils peuvent = they can


Je ne peux pas.

I can't.

Vouloir (to want)

Je veux = I want

Tu veux = you want

Il veut = he wants

Nous voulons = we want

Vous voulez = you want

Ils veulent = they want


Ils veulent une voiture blanche.

They want a white car.

Manger (to eat)

Je mange = I eat

Tu manges = you eat

Il mange = he eats

Nous mangeons = we eat

Vous mangez = you eat

Ils mangent = they eat


Nous mangeons du riz.

We are eating rice.

Boire (to drink)

Je bois

Tu bois

Il boit

Nous buvons

Vous buvez

Ils boivent


Qu’est-ce que tu bois? = what are you drinking?

Je bois du lait. = I am drinking milk.

Savoir (to know)

Je sais = I know

Tu sais = you know

Il sait = he knows

Nous savons = we know

Vous savez = you know

Ils savent = they know


Oui, je sais.

Yes, I know.

Connaître (to know)

Je connais = I know

Tu connais = you know

Il connaît = he knows

Nous connaissons = we know

Vous connaissez = you know

Ils connaissent = they know


Connaissez-vous M Bernard?

Do you know Mr Bernard?

Comprendre (to understand)

Je comprends = I understand

Tu comprends = you understand

Il comprend= he understands

Nous comprenons = we understand

Vous comprenez = you understand

Ils comprennent= they understand


Excusez-moi monsieur, je ne comprends pas.

Excuse me sir, I don't understand.

Other are:

Laver(to wash)

Laisser (to leave)

Haïr (to hate)

Attendre (to wait)

Amener (to bring)

Aider (to help)

Regarder (to look at )

Entendre (to hear)

Employer (to employ)

Entrer (to enter)

Voir (to see)

Danser (to dance)

Chanter. (To sing)

Appeler (to call)

Partir (to leave)

Payer (to pay)

Penser (to think)

Perdre (to lose)

Falloir (to have to)

Finir (to finish)

Fêter (to celebrate)

Fermer (to shut)

Ouvrir (to open)

Oublier (to foget )

Jouer (to play)

Jeter (to throw)

Apporter (to bring/take)

Vendre (to sell)

Acheter (to buy)

Habiller (to dress)

Habiter (to stay)

Hésiter (to hesitate)

Remercier (to thank)

Remplir (to fill)

Honorer (to honour)

Sortir (to go out)

Souhaiter (to wish for)

Sourire (to smile)

Juger (to judge)

Rire (to laugh)

Pleurer. (to cry)

Pleuvoir (to rain)

e souvenir (to remember)

Répondre (respond)

Rappeler. (to recall)

Prendre (to take)

Mettre. (to put)

Donner (to give)

Naître (to be born)

Mourir (to die)

Nager (to swim)

**Paraître (**to appear/emerge)

Manquer (to miss)

**Marcher (**to march)

Marier (to marry)

Mentir( to lie)

Mettre (to put)

Dire (to say)

Devoir (to owe)

Envoyer (to send)

Tomber (to fall)

Tenir (to hold)

Commencer (to start)

Croire( to believe)

Choisir (to choose)

Chercher (to look for)

Battre. (to beat)

Grandir (to grow)

Gagner (to win)

Balayer (to sweep)

Bouger (to move)

Continuer. (to continue)

Demander (to demand)

Vivre (to live)

Voler (to steal)

Vieillir (to grow old)

Visiter (to visit)

Découvrir (to discouver)

Monter (to climb)

Descendre (to descend)

Devenir (to become)

Contacter (to contact)

Rappeler (to recall)

Réfléchir (to think)

Regarder (to look)

Constuire (to build)

Conclure (to conclude)

Rentrer (to go back)


Sentir (to feel)

Séparer (to separate)

Libérer (to liberate)



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